Sydney Shae

Having grown up in Deland, Florida, Sydney Shae's musical output is an eclectic mix of sunshine infused country-pop that has been inspired by the likes of Kacey Musgraves and Abby Anderson. Already an established performer in Music City; Nashville – Sydney has performed in the stellar Gaylord at Opryland, The Row, Downtown Nashville, and many more esteemed venues throughout the city.

Through her musical releases, 19-year-old Sydney Shae always looks to inspire and reach out to her listeners in a way that will make people feel less alone. Specifically, Sydney hopes her songs will act as an inspiration to young kids, and show them that they will always have a place to shine and be who they truly are.

In 2019, Sydney showcased her inspirational lyrical style with the release of her very first self-written single 'Already Tried' before sharing a self-produced cover rendition 'Last Christmas' both of which helped to put her on the map as a leading voice within the country music scene.

Along with being an accomplished singer, songwriter, performer, and producer, Sydney Shae is also studying Music Business in college – a degree which will help her understand the music industry on a deeper level and allow her a stronger foothold within the scene as she releases her standout songs to the world.

An artist that easily makes beautiful connections with her listeners Sydney is all set to make a lasting legacy on this industry and she continues to become a major influence in the country music world.

Released on 5.23.20  Debuted on Apple Hot Tracks

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