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Cory Singer reviewed in acclaimed Aquarian Weekly.

North Jersey Notes: Cory Singer, Weapons Of Anew, Madysin Hatter and More!

—by Tim Louie, August 16, 2017

I don’t normally write about just singer/songwriters. I normally feature bands. But when a really good singer/songwriter comes across my plate, they should be recognized. Such is the case with Cory Singer, who fits his namesake, but is also a really great songwriter. I was only able to catch two songs on Spotify. One was an older song called “Rico” and the other was a recently released track called “Goodbye Felicia,” which has been my wife’s favorite saying lately. Anyway, the “Goodbye Felicia” song has been stuck in my head for the last two days. When a song sticks in your head that long, it’s usually a good song!

North Jersey native Cory Singer is an accomplished singer/songwriter and performer, who has performed in arenas in front of thousands and on community stages around the country. According to his bio, in 2011, Cory was an NJ Perry Award nominee. He’s a self-taught guitarist who’s only been playing a little over a year, but he says, “When I sing and feel the strings on my fingers, I am transported to a place where only good things happen.” Cory is also a choir performer and has shared his rendition of the national anthem at minor league ballparks, as well as charity events around the country. His passion for singing and writing original music is inspirational, uplifting and encouraging for people to live out the passions they have in their hearts. Fans of Cory’s voice can tell you that his voice is inspiring and his delivery is simply captivating. Cory is not only an amazing musician and songwriter, he’s also proud philanthropist. He’s more than proud to share, with anyone who will listen, that he has Asperger’s and Tourette’s syndrome. He has been advocating these through various charity platforms for the past four years. Cory’s motto is “Focus On Your Abilities, Not Your Disabilities”. He’s also a proud supporter of Autism Awareness and Advocacy Groups Nationwide, as well as a supporter of Animal Welfare and our country’s Veterans.

Cory hopes his music and performing career will inspire children and adults to chase their dreams because his dreams are certainly coming true. Cory will be bringing his talents to Dingbatz in Clifton, NJ on Oct. 14 with Man On A Wing, Black Light Circle, and Broken Angels. I might have to get up there and see Cory perform “Goodbye Felicia” live. For more on Cory Singer, visit