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Cory Singer – Interview with Exposed Vocals.

Exposed Vocals: So tell us your story. Where did you grow up? What made you decide to become an artist? I grew up in S, Plainfield NJ. I was a music theater geek, was always on the stage. I had multiple nominations and was successful. My passion ran deep until I picked up the guitar and my life changed. The guitar led me to be a creator not just a vocalist. I did a TV Singing competition on BRAVO TV in 2013 and I won. I was a senior in High School and came out of that experience with a drive to become a full time artist. I am with an indie label based out of NJ and Nashville Heart Songs Records. I like being indie because I still have that creative freedom. My label lets me be me and I appreciate that. I consider myself a brave writer because I am not afraid to speak my truth. Not in terms of social conscientiousness but more about just sharing who I am and what I am all about.

Exposed Vocals: Since everyone was a start-up once, can you give any smaller or local bands or artists looking to get gigs and airplay some tips? HUSTLE. I do not stop. I write everyday. I practice everyday. I work on my social media and I never say no to ANY gig. At this juncture I wouldn’t say no to an open mic. You never know who is going to be in your presence and offer up opportunity to you. Book yourself. Spend an hour a day. I think persistence is key. You also have to be realistic and realize not everyone is going to pay you. You have to decide how this gig can help your career.

Exposed Vocals: Do you ever make mistakes during performances? How do you handle that? Sure. Sometimes I laugh and make the audience laugh with me. I start over. Or I move on to another song. We are human and make mistakes how you handle it is more important than the mistake itself.

Exposed Vocals: Do you tour? Anything interesting happen on tour that you think our readers would enjoy hearing about? I consider any gig a tour gig lol. I did CMA Fest in 2016. I’m not a country artist by any means but after I performed at a showcase a major country radio station named me an “Artist to Watch”. I was a little scared lol and also honored. I play a mean Johnny Cash in my set and I consider his a legendary Rocker with a southern accent…so maybe that was the ticket to that amazing public shout out. I love performing out and connecting with my audience. That is the best part. I mean if your an artist and you create for yourself it can be a lonely island. I always have my audience in my head when writing because who wants to take this journey alone?

Exposed Vocals: Any planned studio upgrades? What are you working with now? I like working with different producers. Until I find the “one” it is cool to work with different people because I am open to their ideas and contributions to my music.

Exposed Vocals: How do you find ways to promote your music? What works best for you? I have a great team but, finding opportunities like this one is my favorite. I get to meet new people and you found me through the social media. I really appreciate your support. I use social media and sometimes press as well.

Exposed Vocals: If you could perform anywhere and with any artists (Dead or Alive) where and who would it be with? Why? Tough question there are so many. My influences run the gammet. Eddie Vedder at Bonnaroo. To share the stage with him in one of the best rock environments. His lyrics speak to me and vocally I could keep up with him. It would be a blast.

Exposed Vocals: So, what’s next? Any new upcoming projects that you want to talk about? My music video for my new single “Goodbye Felicia” is releasing soon. This has been a fun project. I have had so much support and its cool to go out in public and have people sing my hook back to me. It’s all for the fans.

Exposed Vocals: If you weren’t making music, what would you be doing? I love guitars so probably building or working with guitars in some aspect.

Exposed Vocals: What should fans look forward to in the next year or so? More tour dates and the release of my EP.

Exposed Vocals: Any Shout-outs? Hell yeah… Shout out to my buddies at Mikell’s Plot. They are a hard rock band from N. Jersey and took me under their wing. Also to my label mate Shaniah Paige. I respect this girl she takes her career as seriously as I do. Hell of a song writer.