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Laura released the second single "Just One Night" of her freshmen EP on August 18th 2017. Laura Rice’s sultry new single showcases the full range of this Richmond, VA singer-songwriter’s soulful voice. Atop the crisp, stereo-panned guitars and swirling Hammond organ, Laura details the universal yearn for connection, confessing, “just one night won’t do no harm.” 


Singing since she was just a small child, Laura explains that the United States Marine Corps inspired her to make her musical dreams a reality. “Those thirteen weeks in boot camp challenged my mind, body and spirit.  But music was the one thing that helped me to keep going.  I sang to myself during long hikes and proudly sang cadence for my sister Marines whenever allowed.  At one point my drill instructors asked me ‘why are you here?  Why aren’t you singing?’”
Indeed, Laura would go on to compete in Nashville Star during its first season that aired on the USA network in 2003, progressing through multiple elimination rounds. Though she didn’t take the top prize, she left the show undeterred, and continued to pursue her music career, joining TypeCast, a Hampton Roads-based band, which acted as a launch pad for her to expand her musical opportunities and repertoire. Now a solo artist, she recently signed with Heart Songs Records and is concurrently a Veteran Ambassador for Heart Songs. She is also the co-host for the Project Lips Radio show, a program that showcases veteran artists and worthy veteran causes.  Laura is currently touring with Dana Parton and working on her upcoming Spring/Summer 2018 tour schedule.  She will be finishing her EP Spring 2018.  She releases her new single "Bad Habits" recorded with Grammy Winner Larry Beaird of Beaird Music Group, Nashville, TN on February 9th 2018.