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JT Cooper was raised with deep ties to our country’s military.  His father and grandfather both served our country.   JT went on to Tennessee Tech college on scholarship after high school but much like his father and grand father he felt a desire to join the service and entered the Army.  


In his years of service JT was a part of Hurricane Andrew Clean Up, deployed to Panama and Mogadishu where he was part of an historic event called Black Hawk Down.  When it came time to re-enlist JT was at a crossroads in his life.  JT  started writing songs to get out of his head as he made his way through Knoxville and Nashville music became an integral part of his life. 

When JT visited the Country Music Hall of Fame for the first time he  found a statement written on the wall “If music is supposed to be in your life the music will find you.”  He knew he was home. 

He worked many jobs in my life including being a fireman and now a business owner as he continued to hon his music and writing skills.  He is married and has six beautiful children.   JT serves as our Veteran Ambassador for Heart Songs for Veterans.